"I have had the privilege of being coached by Lewis Walker since 2012. When he first took me on I was someone who wrongly thought I trained hard and was committed as an athlete, but Lewis quickly helped me realise there was so much more I could be doing and needed to change. The level of commitment Lewis shows to me as an athlete, and the detail and time he puts into training programmes, made me quickly buck up my efforts and commitment. I simply had not been training frequently or smartly enough and as a result was underachieving. 1 year later I ran a personal best of 1.50 for 800m, 2 years later a 1,500m personal best of 3.46 and a Scottish 800m bronze medal followed by 3 years later becoming Scottish 1,500m champion. It goes without saying that none of that would have been possible without Lewis’ programmes and advice. In the last few years he has helped me transition to longer distances - running 14.39 for 5k, 30.57 10k, 68.45 for 1/2 marathon and in 2024 a 2.28.43 for my debut marathon in London. The learnings and the processes, particularly for the marathon build up, have been really interesting and I feel I have grown as a runner and as a person. Lewis’ guidance and support has helped me gain a level of consistency at age 35 that I’ve never had in my 20+ years as an athlete - and I’m running more than ever!
Kyle has always got the answers and is a pleasure to work with.
He has taught me so much on and off the track (and now on the roads) about training, racing, tactics, preparation, fuelling, mentality and more. He makes my life as an athlete easy because I literally just do what he says and it works. When injuries have arisen or things haven’t went well in a race it has always been down to a mistake on my part and Lewis is great at helping athletes learn from their mistakes so that we are better equipped next time out. Thanks to Lewis, I simply always feel ready physically and mentally on each start line. "

Myles Edwards

"I started working with Kyle after a significant injury put an end to my time playing rugby. The lack of training from the injury left me out of shape and unmotivated. I’d always wanted to run an ultramarathon but had no idea how to get there. Kyle gave me the belief and schedule I needed to chase the goal. Kyle took me from injured and out of shape to the finish line of my first 50-mile ultra in just over three months.
Kyle’s training varied, flexible, and full of options – plus he’s always swiftly adjusted my schedule if I’m injured or life gets in the way.
Thanks to the confidence I get from working with Kyle I’m now excited to book events. Kyle helped me to make the most of my year by planning my races into my training cycles so I can always perform my best.
Kyle has always got the answers and is a pleasure to work with.
Kyle is great at understanding and helping fit my training in around my busy job. I look forward to training and working with Kyle for the coming year to achieve my goals!"

James Nock

“Kyle and I have been working together since August 2022, and I anticipate our collaboration will continue for many more years. I discovered Kyle on Instagram when I was seeking a fellow Scotsman to help me with my running goals. After completing my first 100k Ultra by using social media and YouTube videos as guides, I needed someone to coach me for the UTMB Istria 110k in April 2023. Kyle is an excellent coach with a thorough understanding and knowledge of how to maximize my performance for endurance running, drawing from his experience as an elite athlete. In June 2023, I ran in the GB Ultra Scotland 50 and finished in 7th place among a competitive field of runners. Later in the summer, we shifted our focus to speed and shorter distances, leading to personal bests in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon. Last week, I received news that I have been accepted for the UTMB CCC at the end of August, and I have started increasing my mileage again. Over the past year, I have seen significant improvements in my running performance by trusting the weekly programs Kyle creates for me. I am delighted to work with Kyle and would highly recommend him to anyone willing to put in the necessary effort, as they will see substantial gains. Kyle is easy-going, has a great sense of humour, and is always willing to give advice when asked. Here's to achieving more personal bests and success in 2024.”

James Anderson

"I can’t recommend Kyle highly enough, I started training with Kyle nearly a year ago. In that year we have managed to get my marathon time down to 3.04 from 3.40. As well as completing a 95km ultra and running the furthest I have ever run 130km.
Kyle is great at understanding and helping fit my training in around my busy job. I look forward to training and working with Kyle for the coming year to achieve my goals!" 

Jake Hassall

I was chuffed to bits to get round Tokyo in 2.40, a massive PB some 16 minutes quicker than my previous best. I never imagined I could run such a time and still find myself looking back wondering how I managed it! Whilst I was dedicated to the plan throughout, I owe a lot to Kyle for the structure and accountability he gave me. 
Throughout the 2019 season I achieved considerable personal bests over 5k, 10k, and half marathon distances. Whilst a certain model of shoe may have assisted, without doubt the coaching from Kyle and accountability it gave me was a game changer for my running.
Kyle is easy going, flexible, and always willing to offer guidance based on his expertise and years of experience as an elite athlete. For anyone considering getting on board with Kyle, do it!

I first met Kyle when I reluctantly joined a Jog Scotland Group at ASV following a health scare.  My plan was to go along for the 6 week block to stop my friend nagging me!  On the first night we had to fill in a questionnaire and one question asked what sport you least enjoyed, my response was running! 
I now love running and a lot of that is down to Kyle.  He is an excellent motivator, who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about running, and he continues to provide encouragement and support.  His enthusiasm for running is infectious.  Thanks to him I have had the confidence to set and achieve many goals: significant weight-loss, vastly improved health, signing-up for and completing first 5ks, then 10ks and even a half marathon. 
It would be fair to say Kyle has changed my life – all for the better. 

Pam Thomson

As a recreational runner, Kyle has helped me rethink my whole approach to running and the enjoyment I get from it. Kyle works with me as a ‘virtual’ coach, but don’t be confused with some sites offering training plans. Kyle takes the time to work on a real-time basis, analysing, setting and adjusting weekly training to fit around my fitness and other work and life commitments. He is always there to talk through my progress and goals. More importantly Kyle has brought his relentless positivity, expertise and motivation that you hear on the TRS podcast to my own training! I’m never going to be a ‘competitive’ runner, but during my time with Kyle I’ve PB’d at every distance from the mile to the marathon - which has brought huge personal satisfaction and more importantly I’ve enjoyed it. I would highly recommend.

David Wallace

I could not recommend Kyle enough as a personal trainer. As a person who had decided to make a lifestyle change and get fit Kyle made what seemed like a gruelling task something I felt was really achievable. His approach to training really hits the mark in terms of motivation, he finds the right balance between assertiveness and support to help you reach your goals and keep you engaged throughout. Sessions were tailored to my level of fitness with steady improvements week on week to match my growing ability meaning every week I felt I had really achieved results both visibly and mentally.

Pamela Wallace

I approached Kyle in relation to coaching almost 2 years ago and it’s been great. The results speak for themselves. When I began I was running 42 minute 10k’s and 20 minute(or thereabouts) 5k’s. With a coaching programme that took into account my job and new parental responsibilities I’ve been able to take significant chunks out of these times achieving a 10k best of 36:05 and a second place finish at Huntly 5k with 17:10. With his coaching there’s no reason why these times won’t fall further! The coaching is tailored and the support is invaluable! Top coach and a top guy!

Ed McCluskey

Kyle helped me successfully complete the 2018 Dopey Challenge (5k,10k half and full marathon on consecutive days) from being a non-runner 15 months previously. His passion for running is obvious and he is always very positive and supportive and makes it seem fun. His training tips and recovery stretching advice were invaluable. I would highly recommend Kyle.

Lesley Dunnett